Health Services

Hospital Care & Surgery


The Operating Room (OR), Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU) and Same Day Surgery Unit (SDS) are located on the third floor of the hospital. 
The Surgical Services Directorate maintains four fully functioning Operating Rooms, with one room reserved 24 hours a day for C-Section deliveries.      
Patients scheduled for surgery will be seen by the surgeon a few days to a few weeks prior to the surgery date. 
A registered nurse will meet with you to share preoperative information and to help you prepare for your surgery.  Specific points addressed in this pre-operative phase include a detailed discussion of medications, diet and any other special preparation that may be required.  Often, blood tests, x-rays and heart tests are performed prior to your surgery.
On the day of surgery, you will change into hospital gown attire and remove such items as glasses, dentures, hearing aids, etc.  These items can be locked up for safety.
After the surgery, you will be escorted into the recovery room to spend a half-hour or so “waking up.”  The next stop is the ambulatory procedure unit where you can get dressed and drink juice or water.  During this phase, discharge instructions are provided which include medications, follow-up appointments, and how to care for yourself while recovering at home.
If you are having major surgery, you may spend the night on the Medical Surgical Ward.  C-section patients will return to the Labor & Delivery Ward or to the Multi-Service Ward.
The current visitor policy limits one visitor per adult patient. We are currently recommending alternate ways for patient visitors to interact, such as cell phones, video chats and other web-based means. Pediatric patients are allowed both parents to visit. Children under 14 (without a medical appointment) will not be permitted to visit.
As the Robert E. Bush Naval Hospital perioperative health care team, we look forward to assisting you through your healthcare experience.

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